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The Corbett Hideaway, Jim Corbett National Park, Bijrani

Spread over an area of 13 acres, The Corbett Hideaway, one of the finest hotels in Corbett is concealed in the thick of a mango grove, where in season; the mangoes hang ripe and luscious right against your door. Exotic mixed shrubbery, alive with flowers, is crossed by pebbled paths lead to charming cottages with sit outs. The wonderful stillness is broken only by the sound of the Kosi River and myriad birds.

Independently air-conditioned cottages form a restful backdrop to verdant environs. Sloping tiled roofs, cool stone floors with throw rugs, block wood furniture allow maximum comfort while continuing the illusion of being in the wilds.

The cottages, blessed with every luxury you could need here, are a great hideout for nature enthusiasts, researchers, writers, artists and folks in need of getting away There is space aplenty

The sprawling swimming pool is incredibly blue The high ceiling Gurney House gives elegant shelter for lounging or indulgent dining The erratic lawns turn an…

Chokhi Dhani Village Resort Photogallery


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