Oct 22, 2013

Luxury Camping for Weekend Getaway Jaisalmer

The Serai, Luxury Desert Camping Jaisalmer
If you are looking for the most fabulous desert experience in the lap of the absolute luxury, taste and impeccable service. Then “The Serai” would be an ideal choice for you.

This is a high standard tented hotel located about half-an-hour by road from Jaisalmer. There are 21 tents with a bar, dining room and lounge in a huge main tent plus an outside infinity pool area. There's an excellent spa and no Internet - but we can all cope without it for a couple of nights, and what a joy that can be! The accommodation is very good - a small sitting area with desk and easy chairs that then enters into the bedroom, behind which is the bathroom and, if you've booked, also a small courtyard with private plunge pool.

The quietness of The Serai with beautiful landscaping and, with exception to the birds, that's exactly what you get. Speaking of birds, there are many varieties/species, and you will find it enjoyable and relaxing to observe and photograph them, particularly at sunrise/early morning hours. There are amazing books and the bar with incredible service. You can enjoy the bonfire with the other guests and then make your way to the beautiful dining area. Dinner is served around the pool area and is superb - in this case an Indian Thali. The breakfast is very good too. Indian wine was sampled here too and it is surprisingly good. So Do try!

During the day you can make your way to Jaisalmer or, even better, take a jeep ride to the desert for sundowners after your camel ride. . If you love yourself or want to spoil someone you love, here is where you take them. Fantastic experience with camel rides and sundowners overlooking pristine desert sunsets.

The only downside is that it is far away from the town, and the hotel is so great that you don't feel like going to the city (which is fantastic) So, in summary, an excellent choice - if you have the opportunity, stay here and you won't be disappointed.

Photos of The Serai, Jaisalmer
This photo of The Serai is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Serai, Jaisalmer
This photo of The Serai is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Serai, Jaisalmer
This photo of The Serai is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Serai, Jaisalmer
This photo of The Serai is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Serai, Jaisalmer
This photo of The Serai is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Damodra Desert Camp, Weekend Trip to Jaisalmer

Take a nice weekend trip to Jaisalmer and experience desert rawness with sand silk. Experience the desert safari with Damodra Desert Camp. It’s a perfect place to relax in the middle of the desert. Enjoy the camel safari with a beautiful sunset set. The camp itself is great and the tents are impressive, stocked with modern facilities and staff is wonderful. The best thing about the camp and the desert is the night with the clear sky where you can gaze and communicate with stars as much as you can. And then wake up in the morning to hear wild peacock calls and see them loitering around your tents. The overall experience is really great at this place.

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Damodra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer
This photo of Damodra Desert Camp is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sep 19, 2013

Have you explored Krabi Islands so far?


Go explore the unexplored green beaches of Krabi, where serenity and peace welcomes you with arms wide open.

Perched in Southern Thailand, the Krabi Province is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea. This magical island boasts of its rich with flora fauna that make Krabi one of the most sought after destinations, especially by those who are looking out for romantic getaways. With over 154 small and big islands in its ambit, the sparkling blue and green waters of Krabi are also famous for activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing, and jungle treks.

Located at a distance of 7-hour flight, Krabi is well connected with air links from Bangkok and Singapore. So if you are a business or leisure traveler to Singapore or Bangkok, a visit to Krabi will only be a good idea. 

Towering limestone cliffs, soft white sand beaches, small coves and offshore islands. Krabi's beautiful coastline is one of the province's most attractive assets. Each each seems to outdo the last, with the crowning glory being fabulous Railay Beach with its other worldly feel, a sort of coastal Jurassic Park, accessible only by sea. But the best thing about Krabi's beaches is that they're never crowded. You'll always find a patch of paradisaical space for yourself here.

Famous beaches of Karabi

Ao Nang Beach- Ao Nang is Krabi's vibrant tourist centre. It has the relaxed atmosphere of a small town, the beauty of a beach resort, the modern comforts of home, and the friendliness that sets Thailand apart.

Nopparat Thara Beach- Quiet and shady, lined with swaying casuarina trees, Nopparat Thara is a popular weekend getaway with locals and visitors.

Railay Beach- The very essence of a tropical paradise; cut off from the rest of the mainland with no roads and no hassle. Railey's beaches offer lazy days, adventure forays and chilled-out evenings.

Islands nearby Krabi- It's estimated that there are around 200 islands around the Krabi coastline, many are small rocky outcrops that rise precipitously out of the sea and have no landing access. Others are larger and uninhabited, with characteristic tiny white sand beaches, coral reefs, and intricate cave systems.

Go island hopping. Rent a local boat from Krabi Town, Ao Nang or Railey. Alternatively explore these lovely islands with a guide and take a trip that includes snorkeling or kayaking. 

 if you want a peaceful retreat Klong Muang is the place for you. Krabi's latest beach destination, Muang Klong is the preferred location of Krabi's five-star and boutique hotels like the Sheraton Krabi Resort, and the Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra.

Tubkaak Beach
A little further north than Klong Muang, here you'll find total peace and quiet surrounded by jungle backdrops with Koh Hong  and neighbouring islands in front of the beach. 

Phi Phi Islands

No trip to Southern Thailand is complete without visiting the Phi Phi Islands which are surrounded by crystal clear seas and coral reefs.

Just south west of Krabi coastline lie the stunning Phi Phi Islands, part of a marine national park that's one of the world's most unforgettable destinations. Phi Phi Don, the larger island, offers sheer limestone cliffs, fine sand beaches and hidden coves. Not far away, coral gardens and deeper reefs are sensational for diving and snorkeling. There are no cars on Phi Phi, just simple small tracks that crisscross the island, so getting around is easy – simply take a local longtail boat, or walk.

Smaller Phi Phi Leh is uninhabited and made up of steep limestone cliffs rising sheer out of the turquoise waters. It also features caves and small rocky coves. There are several bays ideal for shallow snorkeling, and on the northeast side, the famous Viking Cave, containing what are claimed to be prehistoric paintings. Phi Phi Leh is also a popular site for nesting swifts, and workers collect the nests used to make the lucrative bird's nest soup, a much-valued Chinese gourmet delicacy. Day trips to Phi Phi are easily available from Phuket and Krabi and offer snorkeling at Phi Phi Leh. If you are already on Phi Phi Don, it's possible to hire a local boat or join a tour to visit Phi Phi Leh.

What to Wear in Krabi
make sure it’s short and light. Krabi is extremely humid and stuffy. Thus, a short pant and shirt will be sufficient.
Beach wear is definitely needed. Bikini, sun glasses, singlet, hat and short pants are the most suitable gear to wear for the girls.

Things to eat in Krabi
Krabi is famous for its local cuisine. The place is a Mecca for sea food & thai food lovers. But beyond this you need to try its pancake. There are a few flavors you can find there such as chocolate, bananas, peanuts, apples and etc...

Chang beer and Singha beer are the local beer brand. Its a must to try. Personally, I love Singha more than Chang because it tastes smoother. If I'm not mistaken, they're only 45 baht each.

Other than the local phad thai, the small stalls that you can find by the road side sell a huge variety of food. 

While the highlight of Krabi can be easily mentioned as the bazaar area where they even sell some Indian food and trust us, it is as good as any dhaba in Punjab.

Must exploring at Krabi
Krabi is known for the famous Thai massages. You can get a very good Thai massage, head and shoulder massage, foot massage and facial massage with a very cheap price in Krabi. A Thai massage for example only cost 25 baht per hour.

Toot toot is the main transporting vehicle in Krabi like any other places found in Thailand. I find toot toot in Krabi is more interesting because firstly, they are colorful and secondly, each of these toot toot will have their own power speaker and they play modern hip-hop songs when they travel around. It costs 40 baht per ride per person. Of course you can bargain for a cheaper price if you have a big group traveling together. 

Just like Redang Island of Terengganu, snorkeling is something you mustn't miss in Krabi. Snorkeling is included in the package of island hopping. Each package may cost different depending on which island you're going to. Phi Phi Island may be slightly more expensive than others and it costs approximately 1400 baht per person.

Another big hit amongst most tourists here is the jungle safari which includes the elephant ride.

Krabi Town
Krabi Town is a market Thai town. The river is a hub of activity with fishing boats and river taxis ferrying both locals and visitors to spots near and far and the pier to the west of town is the place to catch a ride to the surrounding beaches and islands. Many visitors hurry to the big name destinations - Railay, Ao Nang, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi - getting in and out of town as quickly as possible. But for those interested in a dose of genuine Thai culture and hospitality, sticking around Krabi Town is a rewarding experience.

Don’t Miss the Nightlife at Krabi
The bar scene in Krabi is fairly relaxed, reflecting the easy-going southern beach culture. Nicely lit, bamboo beach bars are the most common place to hang out in, with plenty of cushions, pavilions and even hammocks to ensure you won't leave again in a hurry. A few tunes, the sound of the waves and a view of the stars is all you have in the way of entertainment; although some Krabi bars will put on fireshows or live music in the peak season.

For a more energetic and active nightlife, you need to make a trip to Phi Phi Island. If you're the kind of person who enjoys guzzling 'buckets' of local whisky and Red Bull and falling over on the dance floor, you will be in your element here. Phi Phi - where this sophisticated cocktail was invented - holds nightly parties in super-sized beach bars, as well as in clubs in the village. DJs; fireshows; magicians; Thai boxing; and ladyboy cabarets: nothing is spared in the quest to entertain the tourists.

Here, bars can stay open all night - there are no police on the island; elsewhere, most bars shut, in theory anyway, at 1am. In practice, most beach bars and other tourist nightspots are rarely forced to close - so if they have customers, they will continue to serve them.

There are no real go go bars in Krabi you will need to go to Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya! Go-go bars, with shows and scantily-dressed dancers do not exist; female company can be found rather in Thai karaoke bars or regular bar beers.

Some of the happening nightlife happens at Ao Nang / Nopparattara Beach, Railay Bay, Phi Phi Island, Koh Lanta

Shopping Surprises at Krabi
 "If you love vacationing at beach destinations, then one thing that you can pick from Krabi are the ocean bags; these are like a good one to two liter capacity bags that can be folded when not in use. One can also indulge in trinkets that you spot in the bazaar and also buy artifacts like the frog that crocks exactly like a frog when patted on the back."

Fabrics & Textiles
Brilliant colors and distinctive designs have made Krabi's batik cloth famous among tourists. Inspired by the natural surroundings, the sea and marine life, they are hand crafted piece by piece. Batik shirts, sarongs, skirts, bags and handkerchiefs are also popular souvenirs, You can see them being produced in the Ban Na Tin community center, on the way from Klong Haeng to Klong Muang.
Clothing Thailand is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ready-to-wear clothing. Fashion boutiques are found in every shopping mall, while cheaper clothing such as T-shirts and jeans are available at bargain prices from street vendors and stores alike. Custom tailoring is also very affordable and tailors can produce most styles promptly. Then of course there are the 'designer label' copies, that frustrate the designers themselves but are a dream come true for many bargain hunters.

Silk Probably the most famous of all the kingdom's handicrafts, Thai silk is available in a range of colors, patterns and plys. It is sold by the yard or as ready-made clothing and souvenir items. A unique style of Thai silk is Mat Mee, a tie-dye silk traditional to the North-East.

Coloured gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are readily available. Many other varieties of coloured stones can be found here as well.

Nielloware Practiced in southern Thailand for hundreds of years nielloware is the craft of decorating gold and silver objects with delicate etched designs filled with a metal inlay. Nielloware trays, boxes, vases and other items are often strikingly beautiful and because they are created from precious metals can be of great value. They are excellent examples of souvenirs unique to southern Thailand.

Seashells: Seashell products rank among top-five most purchased souvenirs. They are made into ornaments and gift items including necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, mobiles, lampshades, photo frames, etc. The best places to buy them is at the Susaan Hoi, or Fossil Shell area, but there are selling stalls also in the vicinity of the Tha Pom entrance, in the Ao Thalane area.

Thousands of products, both contemporary and traditional are on offer, made from bamboo, cane, silk, wood, paper, ceramic etc. From things for the house, to bags and jewellry, all make great gifts, as well as unusual souvenirs of your trip.

To guarantee quality as well as support local cottage industries and traditional Thai craftsmen and women, always try to buy from genuine handicrafts shops, rather than those selling a generic range of ‘Thai’ products - many of which actually come from Indonesia or Nepal.

It is also possible to visit workshops directly under the government's 'One Tambon, One Product' scheme. In Klong Haeng, there are centres for coconut shell products and batik work and in Ban Khao Klom, a women's co-operative produces handmade paper objects from the leaves of pineapple plants.

Where to Shop?
Ao Nang / Nopparattara Beach, Lanta Island (Koh Lanta), Railay Bay, Krabi Town, Phi Phi Island

Getting there

there are no direct flights. Preferably take the Bangkok connecting flight so that you can shop at Bangkok as well.

The Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit Krabi is between the months November to April when the area's climate is less hot than usual. During this period the island gets a lot of dry winds, so giving dry blue skies and starry nights. Then, down on the beaches one can enjoy nice sea breezes. From June to November the area gets a lot of rainfall, more on average than the rest of the country. During this period the island gets a lot of moist winds, so giving a mixture of dry days and wet ones. The sea stays at a warm 29°C all year round. Visitors however, coming in this period will find it cheaper.
Find out top rated hotels in Karabi. Click here

Aug 14, 2013

My Best Family Vacation would be Australia

Travelling is my passion and If I get a chance to plan a memorable vacation for my family, It would undoubtedly be Australia.

Australia is as varied as it is enormous-- it is home to thriving cities, vast wilderness, and earnest, friendly people.  Sydney offers plenty of historical and contemporary Australian flavor.  Lovely, laid-back Melbourne has something for everyone: family fare, local and international art, haute boutiques, multicultural dining, Australian and Aboriginal history, spectator sports, and pulsing, swanky nightlife.  Cairns is the perfect city for merry revelers, passionate divers and adrenaline junkies, offering booming nightlife and heart-pounding adventure amid a vibrant, tropical setting.  Perched on the banks of the wide Swan River, between the Indian Ocean and the sands of the Nullarbor Desert, Perth is one of the world's most isolated cities, yet still boasts an active beach scene and smokin’ nightlife. Brisbane is the hub of Queensland culture, offering a peek at the past and a glimpse into the future.  The aptly-named Surfers Paradise is just that—a haven for those who pay homage to the gods of the sea by attempting to become one with the waves. The beach here is a golden stretch of soft sand that provides the perfect ambiance for a day of catching waves, catching a Frisbee or just catching some rays. The capital city of South Australia is simply enchanting, a treasure trove of shopping, fine arts, gastronomy and outdoor activity. Adelaide is the heart of the world's opal industry, selling gorgeous stones from South Australian mines.
No planned itineraries, but every day would be an exploration. I would like to explore the unexplored places of Australia and enjoy the beauty and wilderness with my own eyes. I would like to enjoy with my family the Aqua bumps at Bondi Beach. Would love to swim with them in Lord Howe Island, enjoy the peace and personal swimming pool in in Karijini National Park. Would do Flying above Ningaloo Reef with Birds Eye View Ningaloo-Flight Facility, experience the gold coast, would go for a watch out for Soldier Crabs march past Kingfisher Bay Resort on  Fraser Coast. Enjoy a natural wonder of Australia - the Horizontal Waterfall in Talbot Bay, Western Australia. Would take my kid to watch out the Tasmanian devils that are well taken care of at Devil Ark. Would make her see baby booby found on Australia's Indian Ocean Islands, koalas and kangaroos.

The trip would be planned like this
3 days in Sydney to explore a world-class city that is equal parts cosmopolitan and casual, and as an adventure-seekers, would not miss a chance to climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge! The must watch would be Art Gallery of NSW, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, BridgeClimb.

3 days in Melbourne to explore both culture and fun with museums and botanical gardens to great beaches and parks. Enjoy a day walking through one of the best-landscaped gardens on Earth, Royal Botanic Gardens, explore The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Australia's largest, oldest and most popular sporting venue, with a history that compares favourably with any other stadium in the world. And then a journey through a world of wildlife in the heart of Melbourne at Melbourne Zoo, Discover creatures
of the Southern Ocean in the 2-million-liter oceanarium at Melbourne Aquarium

At cairns enjoy the the Esplanade Lagoon, off-road trail bike adventure tour of a lifetime on exciting trails through the world famous Wold Heritage listed areas of Cairns, the Tablelands and Cape York area in style on current model Suzuki DRZ400E all outfitted with long range fuel tanks, and experience the many river crossings, splendid scenery and abundant wildlife. Enjoy the good food at great prices at The Cultural Place. Explore the saltwater crocodile’s natural
habitat  With waterways winding through a 300 square kilometre maze of mangroves, expect rich diverse wildlife, stunning scenery with  relaxing Cairns Harbour Cruises, Skydive the Reef Cairns, Some fun at night at The Reef Casino.

3 Days in Perth to explore cultural monuments and statues, famous landmarks, zoos with 1,200 different animals from over 160 species and aquariums, enjoy Penguin Island- a beautiful, unspoilt nature reserve home to WA's largest colony of little penguin as well as dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, pelicans, ospreys and more, Kings Park War Memorial, the finest view of the City of Perth
at Fraser Avenue Lookout  beaches  and Perth's favourite Swan River to enjoy a day out boating, fishing, skiing, paddling, swimming, picnicking or simply enjoying its vista.

At Brisbaine, explore South Bank one of Brisbane assets, enjoyable fun day at Gallery of Modern Art, enjoy the Australian fauna visiting Lone Pine Koala Santuary to see koalas, kangaroos, australian birds, tasmanian devils, wombats, dingoes, reptiles and small farm animals, just to name a few. Celebrate the Brisbane River at a Riverfire function or just have a picnic in the riverside parkland, Try Story Bridge Adventure climb, cycle, rollerblade and Then cruise out to Tangalooma Island Resort.

A trip to Adelaide  Zoo with my kid which is more than a Zoo,  its a beautiful garden full of animals, Kids will love the petting zoo, walk under magnificent birds, See Giant Pandas and have fun.

Apr 29, 2013

Kolad: Untouched and Unexplored Destination Near Pune


When you want to get away from work, worry and stress, take a break from the city life and enjoy with hot new destinations that are waiting to be explored. 

Plan a one day trip to a picturesque little village, Kolad, 100 kms away from Pune.

Kolad is a village, in Raigad districtMaharashtra State, India.
Kolad is located south of Panvel to Goa on NH 17 connecting Nagothane - Kolad - Mangaon. It lies on the banks of River Kundalika. It is three hours by train from Mumbai, via Roha by train.
You Could also approach the same via Mumbai Pune Express Highway - Pay toll and take left at Khopoli exit. Head through the over bridge towards PALI. Pass through SH 96 - pali famous for its Ganpati temple. Towards Bhira you drive on to SH 60 which towards right leads to KOLAD.

Kolad has a varied climate; spring (March to May) is hot and sultry, while the monsoon season (June to September) is accompanied by heavy rainfalls. Winters are during November and February and are characterized by medium level of humidity and cool weather. The best time to visit here is from June to March.

Rivers and waterfalls are good post monsoons.

  • Kundalika River
  • Bhira Dam (Tata Powerhouse Dam)
  • Dholwal - Pui Dam
  • Ghosala Fort
  • Kuda Caves
  • Tala Fort
  • Sutarwadi Lake
  • Kanal Avenue
  • Tamhini Falls
  • Gaimukh
  • Rafting
  • Jananni Hill

Place to visit
  • Resorts in wilderness near / around the river and dams.
  • Kundalika river river rafting and camping throughout the year.
  • Water falls on state highway 60 towards pune in the rains.
  • Adventure sports Rafting, Rappelling, Jungle camping, kayaking, Para sail, Aeromodeling & all kind of outdoor activities.
  • 6 Degrees - There are no strangers on this planet.

Some Important Refrences
White Water Rafting, Kolad

At Kolad - Kundalika Cottages

Pooja Farms, Kolad

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Feb 11, 2013

Weekend Getaway to Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar, Haryana

Interesting place for a day out! We planned a weekend trip with friends and kids for a picnic specially during the winter. We drove from Noida around 8:30. We carried lot of stuff to eat for kids as it took us almost 3hours to reach Pratapgarh Farms. We reached there at 12:00.

It is wonderful experience to drive through lush green farms with wheat grown all over. The ticket was for 699 for Adults and 375 for kids above 5yrs and below 10yrs.

As soon as we entered, we saw fresh sugarcane and raddish which you can enjoy to the fullest. Kids had handful of sugarcanes and enjoyed throughout the day. Since we reached at 12:00 we were quiet hungry, so we enjoyed freshly made bajre/ makki ke roti with sarson saag or lasun ki chatni, bajre kichdi which was served all day and with unlimited serving.

Then we had garam pakoras and very nice tea. Once we were done with food we explored activities around and to our surprise there was so much to do around that your whole day you can just keep busy doing different activities.

Moreover for people who want to shake their legs, then there is a DJ all day long and will make you dance to latest numbers.

We started with camel ride, followed by bullock cart, tractor ride, then we went to farms where kids enjoyed plucking vegetables. We plucked hadful of vegetables like raddish, methi, nimbu, palak, shalgam etc… Then we moved to play sack race followed by tug of war which was great fun.

Men preferred playing volley ball so they had some good time together playing volley ball and we enjoyed Trampolines to jump on with kids. If you wish to there are badminton, cricket, table tennis and many other games to play.

We saw few people enjoying tube well where you can get wet and mud bath place also. We didn’t because it was cold.

After all this we headed for lunch which is a buffet display. Don’t expect much of quality but food is good to eat. After this we went to see Pottery and kids enjoyed putting some mehendi on their hands.

We had a good fun filled day. We were a group of five family with kids and we enjoyed to the fullest. The farm closed by 5:30 so by then we were also dead tired. Kids enjoyed village and then we all drove back sleepy.

Remember this place is fun only when you go in group and your kids should have good company. Moreover preferably drive in groups only as this place might not be safe to drive alone in the evenings. Our trip was a wonderful experience.

Jan 27, 2013

Country Cottage A Tea Garden Resort (Palampur)

I went to palampur for a short holiday and stayed at a place called COUNTRY COTTAGE, a beautiful place in himachal in distt kangra, by road its about 525 kms frm delhi, by train nearest station is pathankot from where a toy train also goes there, we went from shatabdi till jalandhar then we took cabs to reach the place which took us around 5 hrs, the beauty of the place is that it is a tea estate of 85 acres which has only 5 cottages scattered around, every cottage has a different view, the place is covered all around with dhauladhar range of snow covered mountains, the way to the place is also very good as it is away from the crowded market place and is near cantt. area, there’s a small river let passing near this where one can go and relax by putting their feet in ice cold water, nearby places to visit are dharamshala where a days trip can be made visiting mcloedganj also, the other different thing about this place is that it is run by the owners of the tea estate and the food served is cooked at their home kitchen only which is very good, average rates per person can cost around 3-4k per family with meals, their website is countrycottageindia.com
Note by: Rishi Kapoor

Jan 26, 2013

Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Off lately tree house concept is really picking up well. And good news for people who goes to jaipur for a weekend getaway from delhi's regular hectic life. Try The Tree House Resort, Jaipur, far from the madding crowds, 30 mins away from the historical Pink city of Jaipur on route to the national capital Delhi a perfect abode for nature lovers, a perfect escape for a harassed city dweller and from heat & dust, a final destination for those seeking a peaceful existence. An ideal place for relaxation, entertainment, sporty pastime, healthy living and much more and beyond.

For Reservation:
TELE: +91-11-46862772, (30 Lines), 41612107, 26823836.
Mobile: +91-981000 2772, 9810092772.
Fax: +91-11-46862777.
Email :- reservation@ashextourism.com

For Package Details

Kausani Hillstation: Summer Break, Unexplored Uttrakhand

Located 53 km to the north of Almora, Kausani, is a picturesque hill station famous for its scenic splendor and its spectacular view of the Himalayas. Flanked by the rivers Kosi and Gomti, this small town sits atop the Pingnath Peak. Though Kausani is not as well known as any of the other hill stations, the area is full of deep and dense pine forest, tea gardens and affords a breath taking view of the Himalayan peaks of Trishul, Panchchuli and Nanda Devi. Major attractions around Kausani are the Temple town of Bageshwar situated at the confluence of the river Sarayu and Gomti, the Gandhi Ashram and the Rudradhari falls and caves.

Best Hotels to Stay
  • Sun n Snow Inn
  • Pratiksha Himalyan Retreat
  • Kausani Village Resort
  • Chevron Eco Lodge
  • Krishna Mountview Mountain Resort
You can also opt for Vacation Rentals if you are going in group/or a big family
Taal House, Gwaldam
India, Uttarakhand, Gwaldam Vacation Rentals

Camp Potters Hill Shimla

For those who think shimla is like any other hill station which is commercialised and over crowded and there is nothing new to explore then i would suggest explore potter hills. this place is not much explored and local people also are not much aware of this.

Camp Potters Hill Shimla is certainly an ideal retreat for those who are nature lovers. The camp provides comfortable accommodations, along with outdoor adventure activities in several forms.

Visit Their Web Site
Some quick reviews

I have explored this place this time when i was in shimla. Its near summer hill. A complete jungle drive with pine trees. Within the jungle this potter camp is created where you have facility to stay in cottages or tree house or tent. You can enjoy barbeques in open jungle. This place is away from hustle bustle and you are in the jungle with cold weather. You would enjoy this place if you are in group. You also have hammocks in lapse of nature where you can relax, read novel or just be lying watching sky and hearing different sounds of nature.

i personally liked this place and would recommend to people who always opt for corbett for getaways.

Potters Hill Adventure Camp is a twelve-month destination. In springs, the place blossoms with Rhododendrons (flower of the Himalayas), while summers still have bonfire at night. In autumn, nature prepares for the cold & the site turns honey yellow, while in winters, you can see and touch snow.

At Camp Potters Hill, the idea is to enjoy a combination of Eco-Tourism, Adventure Tourism & Leisure Camping.

you can enjoy Day & Night Treks, Indoor games like Carrom, Chess, Scrabble & many more Outdoor games like Cricket, Basketball, Throwball, Volleyball & Badminton, Picnic lunches in the forest, meadows & apple orchards Rock Climbing & Rappeling, Burma Bridge, Commando Rope Walk & Valley Crossing. 

Rafting Trips can be organized on special request at Tattapani, which is 50 kms from the camp. 

Share your experieinces
I would request you to share your experieinces about the place if you have any and also post pictures.

Heritage Weekend Getaways near Delhi for Conferences by Unexplored Weekend Getaways

Heritage Village Manesar(Gurgaon) NH 8 Delhi-Jaipur Highway (30 minutes drive from Delhi's International Airport) 
A stupendous fusion of vibrant colours and landscapes of Indian ethnicity and International eloquence makes Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar a unique weekend getaway fro corporate meets.

The Heritage Village Manesar


Corbett Ramganga Resort 6 hrs drive from Delhi 
Corbett Ramganga Resort is located in Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal India, Known for its population of Tigers and has rafting and fishing and adventure.

Corbett Ramganga Resort


Hill Fort Kesroli(alwar) 2.45 hrs. via Gurgaon
Kesroli is the oldest heritage site in India where you can stay. Sited atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, it commands splendid agrarian views from its ramparts which rise to 50-65 meters/ 150-200 feet. Kesroli makes an ideal base to visit the neighbouring palaces, museums and sanctuaries of Alwar & Sariska.

Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli


Neemrana Fort(delhi jaipur highway) 100 km from the airport of New Delhi
Neemrana Fort Palace is located at a small village in Neemrana in Alwar District. Neemrana Fort-Palace is among India's oldest heritage resorts. Offers Heritage accommodations, best in convenience and other services.

Neemrana Fort Palace


The Fort Unchagaon, Off Garhmukteshwar, India
Fort Unchagaon is a heritage hotel located, 40 kms Off the Dehi-Moradabad Highway near Gurhmukteshwar, 110 kms from New Delhi & 180 kms from Agra. The entire Fort Unchagaon Hotel is a restored 19th century fort, with antiques and typical architecture and interiors.

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Kuchesar Mud Fort 80 kilometers away from Delhi 
Being located amidst the picturesque surrounding and having the holy river of Ganges just 24 Kms away, Mud Fort Kuchesar gives you the taste of exotic India. The heritage hotel of Kuchesar, Mud fort Kuchesar will offer you the 18th century lifestyle with a modern touch. 

Kuchesar Mud Fort

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