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Weekend Getaway to Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar, Haryana

Interesting place for a day out! We planned a weekend trip with friends and kids for a picnic specially during the winter. We drove from Noida around 8:30. We carried lot of stuff to eat for kids as it took us almost 3hours to reach Pratapgarh Farms. We reached there at 12:00.

It is wonderful experience to drive through lush green farms with wheat grown all over. The ticket was for 699 for Adults and 375 for kids above 5yrs and below 10yrs.

As soon as we entered, we saw fresh sugarcane and raddish which you can enjoy to the fullest. Kids had handful of sugarcanes and enjoyed throughout the day. Since we reached at 12:00 we were quiet hungry, so we enjoyed freshly made bajre/ makki ke roti with sarson saag or lasun ki chatni, bajre kichdi which was served all day and with unlimited serving.

Then we had garam pakoras and very nice tea. Once we were done with food we explored activities around and to our surprise there was so much to do around that your whole day you can just keep busy …