Feb 11, 2013

Weekend Getaway to Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar, Haryana

Interesting place for a day out! We planned a weekend trip with friends and kids for a picnic specially during the winter. We drove from Noida around 8:30. We carried lot of stuff to eat for kids as it took us almost 3hours to reach Pratapgarh Farms. We reached there at 12:00.

It is wonderful experience to drive through lush green farms with wheat grown all over. The ticket was for 699 for Adults and 375 for kids above 5yrs and below 10yrs.

As soon as we entered, we saw fresh sugarcane and raddish which you can enjoy to the fullest. Kids had handful of sugarcanes and enjoyed throughout the day. Since we reached at 12:00 we were quiet hungry, so we enjoyed freshly made bajre/ makki ke roti with sarson saag or lasun ki chatni, bajre kichdi which was served all day and with unlimited serving.

Then we had garam pakoras and very nice tea. Once we were done with food we explored activities around and to our surprise there was so much to do around that your whole day you can just keep busy doing different activities.

Moreover for people who want to shake their legs, then there is a DJ all day long and will make you dance to latest numbers.

We started with camel ride, followed by bullock cart, tractor ride, then we went to farms where kids enjoyed plucking vegetables. We plucked hadful of vegetables like raddish, methi, nimbu, palak, shalgam etc… Then we moved to play sack race followed by tug of war which was great fun.

Men preferred playing volley ball so they had some good time together playing volley ball and we enjoyed Trampolines to jump on with kids. If you wish to there are badminton, cricket, table tennis and many other games to play.

We saw few people enjoying tube well where you can get wet and mud bath place also. We didn’t because it was cold.

After all this we headed for lunch which is a buffet display. Don’t expect much of quality but food is good to eat. After this we went to see Pottery and kids enjoyed putting some mehendi on their hands.

We had a good fun filled day. We were a group of five family with kids and we enjoyed to the fullest. The farm closed by 5:30 so by then we were also dead tired. Kids enjoyed village and then we all drove back sleepy.

Remember this place is fun only when you go in group and your kids should have good company. Moreover preferably drive in groups only as this place might not be safe to drive alone in the evenings. Our trip was a wonderful experience.

Feb 1, 2013

Jilling Estate--the perfect holiday retreat!

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas among the Kumaon ranges of Uttaranchal, Jilling Estate is the perfect holiday retreat for those who enjoy basking in the arms of nature.

Enjoy the view of Nanda Devi, walks to a spectacular ridge through the woods, camping on the ridge, bonfire nights.Spread over 120 acres of oak and rhododendron mixed forests to walk around in and a very healthy bird and animal population to view. And the snows are straight ahead with Nanda Devi, the highest peak, dominating. The height ranges from 6000 to 7200 feet above sea level and have snow in winter. 

Enjoy the natural organic vegetables and a few apples, plums, apricots and chestnuts. 

The estate has a rich and varied wildlife. There are jungle cats, mountain deer, wild boar, a great variety of Himalayan birds and occasionally bear and leopard. It is fed by a mountain spring with pure mineral water and on clear days there is a breathtaking view of the eternal snows. There are long and peaceful walks where you will have the forest all to yourself.

In the evening you may have your meal around a bonfire under the stars or besides a crackling logfire in your room. There are villages a few kilometres away and it is enjoyable to interact with the hill folk. Not being connected to the road Jilling is a peaceful haven ideal for nature lovers. Bird watchers will find it specially enriching. 

They do not take more than 4-5 couples at a time. The accommodation is dispersed and guests can roam freely and be quite alone. Sometimes, they take out small groups of around 8-15 people to the high altitude border areas for trekking tours of 6-12 days depending on the area.

The best time are from April-June and September-October. Kumaon is not very crowded with tourists and the scenery is stupendous with wild flowers in bloom stretching from the high altitude pastures to the snowline.

Alternately, they take out motor trips with camping gear and food, and guests can bed down in comfort at scenic locations away from crowded rest houses etc. Apart from visiting beautiful and interesting places like historic temples, caves etc., you can also incorporate light activities like hiking and fishing. 

Jilling is a 2 km walk up from the road head. 

A 9 hour drive from Delhi (or an overnight train) makes it an ideal weekend getaway if you need some time off to rejuvenate.

There is nothing like a firsthand experience to find out what Jilling is all about. 

To see pictures of jilling estate cottages view jilling estate photogallery